What is our most popular unit?

We often get asked “What do people normally buy and why?” Even though all of our  units are unique in their own way, the most popular units we sell are the Fiesta Mezzo  and the Kiva Mezzo. The scale size on both of these units are perfect for most families.  With the Fiesta Mezzo having a footprint of 55”W x 42”D and the Kiva Mezzo having a  footprint of 55”W x 30”D. Which makes the fireplace on these units just the right size for  you to have your loved ones over and enjoy the fire.  

The differences between these two units are, the Fiesta Mezzo has a larger brick oven  measuring 27” x 25” and a larger overall footprint. The Kiva Mezzo has a smaller brick  oven that is 18” x 24” for families that don’t think they will use their brick oven much. But  the firebox sizes on both of these units are the exact same!  

To complete the look of your outdoor fireplace most people will order a hearth which  goes in front of the unit and two 36” wood boxes which go on the sides of these models  and are perfect to finish off the beauty of outdoor living.  Email us today at [email protected] or request a quote on our 

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