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Why are there cracks in my fireplace mortar joints?

It is normal to see some cracks in the mortar joints of your outdoor fireplace. Cracks appear because of environmental factors, mainly moisture and freezing temperatures. An outdoor fireplace gets much more exposure to these environmental factors. It is important to keep moisture out of the flue and out of the firebox. At the same […]

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Customization Options

Clients choose to work with Round Grove Products for several reasons—value, quality, rapid fulfillment, premium customer service, and customization.  Every day we get questions from our customers asking whether we can build to specific dimensions or if we can rough-in for a gas log insert.  The answer is always “Yes” because, unlike pre-cast fireplace kits, […]

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Save Time and Increase Revenue with Round Grove Products

I often tell the story of how Round Grove Products got started, but it’s more relevant to hardscape contractors now than at any other time. My wife and I designed a DIY outdoor kitchen for our backyard patio that included a fireplace and hired a contractor with an excellent reputation. We watched the construction progress […]

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Choosing the Correct Chimney Height

A lot of customers ask about the correct height for their brick oven chimney. Round Grove Products keeps nominal height at 108” or lower in order to ship nationwide without requiring an Over Size Load permit, but most sites require a chimney extension above 108” to create the proper airflow. I recommend walking through the […]

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