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Outdoor Brick Ovens from Round Grove

 When considering a Round Grove brick oven, you can choose between two models (hipped shoulders or standing seam roof) and three standard sizes. The mini unit is also available with a standing seam roof. Plus, custom sizes are always available.

Add in our many "standard" options and you'll build a brick oven that is as unique and flavorful as your favorite recipe!

outdoor brick oven features and options

Quick Reference Guide
Size Shoulder Height Firebox
Overall Height Footprint Area Corners Weight
Mini 54" 28"x28" 84" 38"x38" 75SF 28LF 700lbs
S. Seam 54" 28"x28" 84" 38"x38" 50SF 18LF 700lbs
Mezzo 60" 37"x28" 96" 55"x38" 100SF 32LF 1000lbs
Largo 63" 45"x28" 96" 63"x38" 100SF 32LF 1200lbs