STAX Custom Brick Pizza Ovens & Fireplaces from Round Grove

Some customers have topography or width clearance issues with their brick pizza oven that prevent a full-size skid steer from the install site, so we designed modular components for your custom brick oven and fireplace. These pieces allow smaller, stand-behind equipment to maneuver more easily.  These are typically two-piece or three-piece components that require a little more installation assembly to get ready for final finishes, but still save time and labor compared to CMU block or kit assembly projects.  

Faster Installations For Your Brick Pizza Oven

Round Grove Products can “componentize” custom brick ovens to make your project installation faster by keeping the payload lighter on your equipment & allowing passage through the zero-clearance bottlenecks. At Round Grove, we take every precaution to ensure that your custom brick oven or fireplace is installed seamlessly!

Learn More About STAX For Your Outdoor Fireplace

At Round Grove Products, we are ready to help you get started on upgrading your outdoor living space! With a variety of custom options, we are sure you will be able to find the perfect style to accentuate your home. Click the flame below and let’s heat up your backyard with custom outdoor ovens!

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Start with a fireplace base (1) and add a chimney (3) for a fireplace unit (4) or start with a fireplace base (1) add a brick oven(2) and a chimney (3) for a combo unit (5).  Add a hearth.  Add a chimney extension.  There are lots of options.  Or combine the brick oven (2) and chimney component (3) for a countertop brick oven for your outdoor kitchen. 
custom brick ovens and fireplaces Medina Ohio

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Luxury outdoor living doesn’t stop with the installation of an outdoor brick oven – you’ve entered a new lifestyle1! Visit Brick Oven Lifestyle to view more options to upgrade your home and immerse yourself in the lifestyle!

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